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God wants to be our salvation

By Pastor Lee Crowder In a world today plagued by fear, doubt, distrust, and disease not everything is bad. See God uses all things to ... Read more

1 year ago by Staff Reports.

Some things in life have great power over us

She stared at the envelope and the familiar handwriting, then dissolved into tears. Her son had died on his way to college—far from his hometown ... Read more

1 year ago by R.A. Mathews.

Deadly disease for which mankind needs a cure

“The CDC is closely monitoring an outbreak of respiratory disease caused by a novel (new) coronavirus that was first detected in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, ... Read more

1 year ago by Jan White.

Do you know the legend of the Christmas candy cane?

The holidays we celebrate would not be complete without the sweet tradition of candy. Each holiday on the calendar seems to be linked to a ... Read more

1 year ago by Jan White.

This is our country—we decide

Last Saturday, December 7th, countless Americans commemorated the bombing of Pearl Harbor. But 1941 was a different era—those of the WWII generation embraced sacrifice for ... Read more

2 years ago by R.A. Mathews.

What if we shared season’s greetings year round?

“Merry Christmas!” I’ve been saying this seasonal greeting everywhere I go, and soon I’ll be saying “Happy New Year!” I’m on a mission to greet ... Read more

2 years ago by Jan White.

Mister Rogers’ life of prayer for his neighborhood

If you hear someone singing, “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood,” most of you will know the person who made those words famous.  Fred ... Read more

2 years ago by Jan White.

Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492

One of the most significant events in history happened in 1492.  It’s why our country celebrates that event with a federal holiday the second Monday ... Read more

2 years ago by Jan White.

Praying for rain in dry places

“Drought conditions continue to expand across Alabama with little rain in sight,” a recent AL.com headline states. The article goes on to say. “According to ... Read more

2 years ago by Jan White.

One choice can forever change your life

One choice. That’s all it takes to  dramatically impact your life. The parents in the college-bribery scandal now know this. Day after day we learn ... Read more

2 years ago by R.A. Mathews.

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